So here’s one for my plein aire friends. A pumpkin by an overlook of the American Falls some passers-by guessed at “a thousand pounder” with it’s own wee tent.
This is but a teeny taste of Dan’s handiwork. You may spy a crow on the post by the door, that crow, as well as a dozen more on the roof and in the trees, the eagle by the bike, the front doors, porch, and damn near everything inside were made  by Dan in a North Woods Steam Punk style. I was speechless.
Had breakfast at the. Famous Deli where the waitress caught me drawing and said her husband was an artist who drew, painted, built objects and turned their whole house into an ongoing work of art. I went by at her invitation and met Dan Read. A retired contractor, man of many talents and found a gracious dude who indeed had tremendous creativity and went through their home in total astonishment. The people of Niagara Falls, Ontario have been super hospitable. Even more amazing as the town is awash in tourist.
Yesterday, went into the tunnels under the Falls. This portal opens up to the thundering veil of water about 50-60 feet below the crest.
Just when you’re thinking,”Wow! Those Falls were really stirring!” You find yourself face to face with this Steam Punk fountain of bubbles in the food court and casino lobby. Makes you wanna let them coins cascade like Niagara, eh?
I can’t get enough of it.
Passed on the opportunity to draw the young daredevil who stood on the railing to get one those once-in-a-lifetime photogs.
The view from my table at a Niagara Falls, Ont breakfast joint. Trying to figure if those Orkas swam up the St. Lawrence River as the woman behind my booth reads the day’s horoscope to her husband.
My first impression of the Horseshoe Falls from the 14th floor of a hotel on the Canadian side. The mist from the cascade obliterated the mid section.
Amtrak Station, Buffalo. Niagara Falls lies some 30 minutes once we head up that tunnel.
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